Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



Trumpinator Algorithm

I just heard that the Europeans have been using code
to outsmart Fat Donnie on tariffs
maybe this secret Trumpinator algorithm
can be reconfigured to outsmart the Cheeto Jesus
on other issues like migrant separation policy. 

Mexican children have been separated from their parents
and held in cages like Neo trapped in the Matrix
only it’s not code written on their backs with a Sharpie
but their names and dates of birth
and it’s not virtual reality it’s actual wire-mesh,
chain-linked cages in a disused Walmart superstore. 

Maybe use the algorithm to create a time machine
like the ring tiny hands Donnie wears and go back
and make the entire filthy nightmare disappear
because he learned everything, he knows about nuclear
knowledge from his uncle Johnny Trump
from whence the ring came. 

November 8, 2016 was supposed to usher in
a new era in American politics, but Hillary never broke
the glass ceiling and at about 10:30 that night
Florida went Trump and now I want to douse myself
in Russian vodka and set everything ablaze
like a giant glowing baked Alaska.


Patrick Hunter has been writing poetry and short stories for over 25 years. His works have appeared in a number of independent journals and publications including Caufield and Red Words. Patrick has an MM from McGill University and studied poetry independently under both Maria Jacketti and Matthew Lippman.