Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



The Blow-Up Game

Soon you will want to talk again about the last scene
how the nonexistent ball grazes the net how the mimes
with letter-perfect form wield their rackets how the camera
tracks the lob up up up and over the fence and now it sits there
invisible on the visible grass no less real for its being imagined
again we play the rewind game is that a man with a gun is that
a corpse that glows in Maryon Park as Hemmings kneels
to touch its cheek and then there was that day last October
when out walking we saw the homemade sign HILLARY FOR PR----
letting my phone complete the thought as I snapped the proof
that even in this red county good blue people were with us true
neighbors to either side I held to the story of knew it all along
until we reached our dream house where the uploaded shot
sat there on the screen incontrovertible HILLARY FOR PRISON
zooming in on the hand-drawn letters the ink bloom and bleed


Cassandra Cleghorn's first book, Four Weathercocks, came out last year from Marick Press. Poetry Editor of Tupelo Press, Cleghorn teaches at Williams College and lives in Vermont, in Bennington County where 38.2% of her neighbors voted for Trump. www.cassandracleghorn.com.



illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01