Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



When you meet need,
beat it blind with a baseball bat,
beat it and beat it―
because loss means  
that you are a loser.

Don’t wash your face
in the bowl
of your empty hands, don’t
count the days
you’ve soaked in its pit
finger by finger.

If you lose you have to
lose more. That’s
the natural order.

You need to wear a pair
of black boots,
a tee-shirt
slashed with the word
So when you meet a loser

you can offer him
your charity. Lift your bat
above his misery

and win and win and win.

Dana Levin's new book is Banana Palace (Copper Canyon Press). She serves as Distinguished Writer in Residence at Maryville University in St. Louis.

illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01