Weekly poem on Trump Presidency


David Dodd Lee

Pleasure Boating


Up your investment in Pandora stock, one more
principle entry into the trays of high

finance—I can’t stop looking at
all the amazing birds!—black terns, mergansers, a plover—long enough

to make a trade. But we are not like
rain exactly. A killing. Remind me. A killing, the killer.

The killer. The boat slept twenty-two and when it came about he
panned the Michigan coastline all the way down to New Buffalo

holding aloft one middle finger.


David Dodd Lee's Animalities was published in 2014. Unlucky Animals, a collection that includes original poems, collages, erasures and dictionary sonnets, will appear in early 2019. He lives on the St. Joseph River and teaches at Indiana University South Bend where he is Editor-in-chief of 42 Miles Press.


llustration:  anna_croc01

llustration: anna_croc01