Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



from “For a Daughter/No Address”

Reportless Subjects, to the Quick / Continual addressed—
         —Emily Dickinson


I guess yelling at you to survive doesn’t change the object you are

everywhere stealing my shit     figuring and giving out rights-of-way

through me like if parenting is a thing are you childing us who gave you a face

and if Vallejo was only right to rouse freedom fighters where bodies have to coalesce

in great numbers before the state hails with its infrasound rays

that don’t cut off the ear but shake the cochlear fluid bringing faces

onto paving stones or with rays that would excite water and fat

so the burning skin symptom can insistently affect one area or shift

the burning skin symptom can come and go rarely frequently or persist

then is that why some of us like to take pictures of so many serial things warehoused

or on docks waiting or we like to name the bougainvillea flowers

to linger in a timeless way we thought to crown you with possibility

and there isn’t a day I don’t hear a little circle of war storied out so I can eat it

on an oval orbit you say so even if I’m not before you alone isn’t a thing


Farid Matuk is the author of This Isa Nice Neighborhood (Letter Machine Editions) and The Real Horse, forthcoming in 2018 from the University of Arizona Press. 



illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01