Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



Kamala For President—

After dinner my brothers would wrestle,
all elbows and knees and hard right
angles, such a load of stupid shouting &
wrangling—it was no fun to be left
out.  I’d come in, Little Sister, to rescue
the brother trapped, catch an elbow
to the jaw, yelp, then be sent straight
to my room, where I’d throw
my shoulder into the door jam, the I told you
and don’t you do that again, Missy—
sounding in the hall. I’d do pushups
beside the bed to no avail.  I’d whet my tongue
on the stones of my own teeth, practice tying
knots. Focus on the nasty word: prevail.


Jen Ryan Onken teaches high school in Maine and is currently an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College.  A scholarship recipient at The Frost Place, she has work forthcoming in Good Fat.


illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01