Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



Poem to a Conqueror

a groundwind wishes away
the dandelion

and quarters the citrus

like wind
you come panting and aimless 

bringing your own lumber
to warp and termite yourself

when you touch my face
you believe it is perfectable 

you say
this is perfectable

when you move
you move like a carousel of flames

see: a row of broken chairs
in the pinerot

see: a petal
pressed between needle and skin

if the whole body were an eye
where would the hearing be

when I dream I dream like an ox
broken plow after broken plow

patience is a virtue
and virtue is easy

I only need to fear
the parts of you I can see



Kaveh Akbar's poems are forthcoming in The New Yorker, Poetry, PloughsharesTin House, and elsewhere. “Poem To A Conqueror" first appeared in The Rumpus. His first full-length collection, Calling a Wolf a Wolf, will be published in Fall 2017 by Alice James Books.

illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01