Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



Evolution Hinges on its Mistakes

I think about what falls away from us. I think about our greatest scares. What is our broader wonder, if not one that hinges on what we have left? This world that indicates virtue, sometimes likes to thrive in vice. 


The language of the Tyrant hinges on what makes us human. I will make this more accessible: think of legacy, think of its magnitude and then think of what surpasses history and time. Is it death? Is it memory? Is it what is written down, or is it what is implicit in our rage?


There are thorns in his wrapper; there are thrashes in his wreck.

When the Tyrant says, I hereby demand, it is already inevitable. He is already eclipsing the truth, shunning the light. All tyrants lack, but in their lack is their eternity. They all live on, despite their downfalls, in haunt and in forever-shadow.

There are thirsts in this worth, in this wreck and in this fearing. Realize the rot is only getting larger. No one expected the testing of this; no one expected to raise humanity from a lie. No one expected the theft of this, his craft-landing, or this carving of light. We are expected to cramp, skewer, scram, skiff and skid, but remember, the biggest iris is you.

Let in the light.


Leah Umansky is the author of The Barbarous Century (Eyewear 2018), among others. She earned her MFA in Poetry at Sarah Lawrence College and is the curator and host of The COUPLET Reading Series in NYC. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in such places as POETRY, Guernica, The Bennington Review,The New York Times, and Poetry Northwest She is #teamkhaleesi & #teambernard. More at www.leahumansky.com