Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



In the sanctuary state

of our inaugural winter       day laborers            are wiring home             coins

in record numbers        One of them abandoned               an escape route           

in the gutter     This is not a fact         but a supposition           I make while

passing a note               duct-taped to a utility pole —   Found:   Extension

ladder     please call this number —  Was it a power outage               or  sudden rain           

the repairman  deluged              with fixing?       The note does not explain           

how long it takes       to save                  for a ladder like that     or who was left

holding the bottom rung       while the other one        climbed                If lights

flickered  when he reached the top            Did the sky open?             Did he enter?


Marci Vogel is a California-born poet. A recipient of the Hillary Gravendyk Memorial Scholarship from the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, she is the author of the poetry collection, At the Border of Wilshire & Nobody. Her novella, Death & Other Holidays, was awarded the inaugural Miami Book Fair/de Groot Prize and will be published by Melville House. 


illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01