Weekly poem on Trump Presidency


Matthew Lippman

July 4th: Love In The Lemonade


It’s the 4th of July it’s the end of the day
it’s the barbeque gone black
it’s the love in the lemonade
we are tired
we are fat
we live like strangers
we talk like birds
that’s all that matters
that we talk like birds
that the one sparrow in the backyard
says to the other starling in the elm
let’s watch the fireworks
let’s hold hands and watch the sky go nuts

in pink and purple
we are bruised
the sky is a bruise
we have been holding it in our arms
in hopes that we can heal it
with the corn on the cob
the prime rib
one cardinal explaining to the cranky blue jay
that it gets harder to see you through these fences
these pick-up trucks
this mangled flag
it’s July 4th
and the ocean is across the bay
and the bay welcomes the sharks
we run for our lives
we hold our sins
the sky is a bruise that reminds us
of creams and ice
to heal and to hold
the fireworks go boom
they make noises so loud
we swear we have never heard noises so loud
twelve feet high tubas in belch
one Sperm Whale clicking let’s go now
to the other Sperm Whale
half way around the planet
oh what a planet
we can see it here from our backyards
from our beer and sweaty grills
it’s in our hands
in our arms
we want to hold it
on the last day of the 4th of July
on the first day of the 4th of July
it’s every day and it means something
how hard it has become
how lucky we are to know this
to heal and to hold
for your neighbor
this tall shiny icy dear cup of sour and sweet
this love in the lemonade


Matthew Lippman is the founder and editor of Love's Executive Order. He is the author of 4 poetry collections--Salami Jew, American Chew, Monkey Bars, and The New Year of Yellow.



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