Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



Wall Poem

The man in the hard hat

grabbed my no     grabbed his no

as I walked by     said sit on this wall     Maria

how they laughed     I said they said     it’s hard    

real hard     what you say I said     what you mean   

to say to me     mean to me     hard on me     come

on no hard     feelings in me     feelings for me     me

hard     hard as a wall     he says

let them eat wall     eat me wall     me eat

hard as it is     to eat     to sleep     no feeling

in paper towels     tossed hard     at the people

over the wall      soft wall of bounty    

my bounty     my body     my wall


Tina Cane is the founder/director of Writers-in-the-Schools, RI and serves
as poet laureate of Rhode Island where she lives with her husband
and their three children. Her book, Body of Work, is now available from Veliz Books.