Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



The Equation: Moments Stolen = A Lifetime?

It happened. It happened again. Like a dice roll, a gasp
for breath, a blink. Again and again. Where did I wake up?
What world is this of alternate facts? And then there’s
the scan where citizens juice up morning by a wireless
connection into the mass entertainer, communicator, moment
stealer. People with one arm held high, long, fingers
extended; they wait word from this Grand Poobah of Oh my God.
A total morass. Do the feral dogs know this strangeness of being?
Moments stolen mount. Repeat. He shows no signs of slowing
his double-dealing, his raving. Repeat. Again and again moments
stolen mount. So it happens. It happens again, again. This raper
of laws, history, the future, now. Does he see the country
like a nude woman in a painting not finished until he has
an urge to slap her butt? Oh America, America blink, gasp,
wake up, jump in defiance from this black painting. 


Suze Bienaimee is a Pushcart Prize Nominee, multi- mixed-media artist and creative founder of StudioSeeds.com, dedicated to the exploration of inspiration. Bienaimee’s poetry has been published in Barrow Street Journal and her artwork can be seen in prominent collections around the States and abroad as well as at ArtNow.org where she is a featured artist. She is currently working on a limited edition Artist Book/Chapbook. www.SuzeBienaimee.com,



illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01