Weekly poem on Trump Presidency



The Country-man’s Blurred Vision

Was it fog or mist
or some side effect
from life like dyspepsia
that made him cut

stories into little lies?
Like the time he said he
gave the book as a gift when
he sent only the title.

Or the time he said
he found a woman dead
by the pool when he
was a hundred

miles away. Working. It seems
like so many symptoms could cause
these lies: abnormal tongue-
tickling, brain burning, chills,

dry mouth. Maybe it's
simple hiccups, but is it
definitely a voluntary reflex?
Some unconscious need?

Dangerous? Did the little boy
who cried wolf finally get eaten?
Was the snake in the Garden
the devil? Evil?

Lies just an easy way out? Like
"no officer, I have absolutely
no idea how fast I was going"
or like jury duty lies: too busy

lies. Oh, and the rally chant he said
said he had nothing to do with? And
that woman he said he found dead?
Now he says she wasn't near his bed.


Suze Bienaimee is a poet, Pushcart Prize nominee, and an interdisciplinary artist. Bienaimee's poetry has appeared or will be forthcoming in Barrow Street Journal, Loves Executive Order and elsewhere. Her artwork can be seen in prominent collections in the United States and abroad as well as ArtNow.org where she is the featured artist.

Bienaimee is also the creative founder/director of StudioSeeds.com for the exploration of inspiration and creativity. Her first artist book/chapbook is Peace: Carry Dust, Fire, Incandescence (Spectrum Contemporary, 2019).

Twitter: @StudioSeeds
Instagram: @StudioSeeds_Inspire


Suze Bienaimee: The Fog, Mist, Rain, Spots Room

Suze Bienaimee: The Fog, Mist, Rain, Spots Room