Weekly poem on Trump Presidency


Avocado a la Ionesco

for Greg Pardlo


We didn’t want to be rhinoceri    to have thick skin     or to have

to thicken it     we didn’t want to be of indeterminate color     didn’t want

to turn on each other     into each other     or be forced to be swept up    

by forces we didn’t want     to put a ring on it     didn’t want

to cash it all in     to carry hot sauce in our bags     or to pretend  


What we wanted     was avocados     to put on the ugly truths

to make each green but perishable     artisanal yet inclusive    

to use avocados      like they use full breasts     to call attention    

to the thing     we want addressed     for our plight is not pornography


Tina Cane is the author of Dear Elena: Letters for Elena Ferrante (Skillman Avenue Press) and Once More with Feeling (Veliz Books). She currently serves as the Poet Laureate of Rhode Island. 


illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01