Weekly poem on Trump Presidency


Tina Cane

(Y)Our American House

(Y)our American house    is a monument to industry     a tender age facility          

with a skeleton of wood     white house brown hands      any punk hotel

of painters my parents put us in     rent control is in the way of my life     the way Warhol

temperament and strife     tenement stabilization     and gentrified rationalizations

can be a place to hang your hat    

                                                  my bones are not happy today you say     the box of bones

in the basement are bird     I say the skull on the shelf      jaw of jackal     artifice and artifact

national or nationwide     a house is not a Walmart     a box is not a shop     my babies want me home     

geography is fucked     as in the story of a toaster     some shit you can’t believe     how they used to give

toasters away for free     at the bank of all places     with checking & savings     but if you want

free lunch     turns out you need a plan     to open up show up     you know what I mean    

be vulnerable make nice(r)     to build a house you better believe     the boy you’re with will hold

together not break     you into pieces like some     strapping dumb luck rolled into one    

nation under one roof of stars     a common constellation for all


Tina Cane is the founder/director of Writers-in-the-Schools, RI and serves
as poet laureate of Rhode Island where she lives with her husband
and their three children. Her book, Body of Work, is forthcoming from Veliz Books.


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