Weekly poem on Trump Presidency


The Savages 

         are right now double parked in front of the World Bank.
They ensconce their younglings in Hotchkiss. Berate the shampoo
girl at the salon. Indite travelogues for Condé Nast on their jaunt

to the Forest of Knives. The Savages put high tea on the company
card. Evade their co-pay for the ophthalmologist. Exit the fundraiser
for Parkinson’s eight yoctoseconds after commencement of the blind

auction.  The Savages are late for an engagement with their lifestyle
coach. They are in need of a social media director. Do consulting
on the side. Will take their grievance to the co-op board. Gouge

the damage for your grandmother’s insulin. They raze low income
housing to make way for artisanal cheese. Gerrymander melanated
tribes into paralysis. The Savages wheedle city planners to reroute

toxic aqueducts away from their summer villas. They send memos
on official letterhead. Cite Foucault and de Beauvoir. Fabricate
market bubbles. Deny tenure. Moonlight with economic policy

institutes. The Savages cry during documentaries that epitomize
the anguish of the poor. They curate garment district exhibition
spaces. Acquire vineyards. Study abroad. They petrify themselves

at the perimeter of the dance floor. Accumulate interns. Note
that when they are presented with inadequate confection options
The Savages will commit acts of cannibalism without hesitation.

Should you encounter one in the wild, clutch your purse. Shield
your little ones. Pray you are engaging them during their cycle
of post-therapy contrition. If you see them advancing and there

is no shelter to take, play dead. In the event that you are bitten
by The Savages, do not attempt to call an emergency medical
technician. The Savages have already paid them not to show.

Vincent Toro’s debut collection STEREO.ISLAND.MOSAIC. is a winner of Ahsahta Press’s Sawtooth Poetry Prize and the Poetry Society of America’s Norma Farber First Book Award. He has an MFA in poetry from Rutgers and is a contributing editor for Kweli Literary Journal.
His website is: http://www.grito.org/professor-vincent-t.-toro.html

illustration:  anna_croc01

illustration: anna_croc01